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When looking for Mississauga condos or Mississauga real estate in general we understand that it means so much more than just the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Your home is a direct reflection of your lifestyle and values. We realize that Erin Mills Condos and Erin Mills real estate is catered to a unique blend of lifestyles and therefore have developed a tool to help you find your perfect Erin Mills condo. Start your journey on the Erin Mills Condos lifestyle search page.

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ErinMillsLIFE provides you the best Erin Mills condos information source. Search Mississauga condos by lifestyle, read reviews, view galleries and interact with articles about the west end area. Professional real estate services from IVAN Real Estate are just a click away!

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  • I’m an extremely detail oriented person and what drew me in was the unique, well planned website, it was just different from everything I’d seen. My gut was right; the service and experience which followed blew all my expectations away!
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    Mark Walzerner
  • Just wanted to say that I was extremely impressed by the knowledge and efficiency presented to me. My deal was wrapped up within a matter of days and the entire process was thoroughly streamlined.
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    Gregory Murrey
    Financial Advisor
  • The level of service I experienced was unprecedented. Constant communication and updates helped keep me in the loop throughout my whole buying process. Amazing experience and results!
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    Sandy Reiszcam
    Corporate IT

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